Analog Recording

I love analog recording to 2 inch tape!! There is no comparison to the amount of detail and clarity tape brings out in music. Analog recording also adds rich warmth and fatness to your music with delivering a great sheer on the top end without any harshness. There are huge debates amongst the audio community that pluggins can now achieve the same desired sound and there is no longer a need for analog recording. This statement in my opinion is false. There are 2 sides to my opinion, the first coming from a scientific standpoint. Todays digital recording technology (year 2023), at its highest quality allows you to record at a sample rate of 192k, which means 192,000 points per second are being recorded and a line being drawn from point to point to create the waveform you see on the screen. The highest digital bit depth you can record at is 24 bit, the bit depth is defining the dynamic range of the song being measured at 6 db per bit giving a recording a maximum of 144 db of dynamic range beginning at digital 0db then working backwards down into negative numbers. No matter how high or low a recordings sample rate and depth is the waveform will always square off when zoomed in far enough. Recording to 2 inch tape has no sample rates or bit depths, it is a true waveform. No pictured dots being drawn in or dynamic range limits. The waveform on analog tape has a true shape, a true unaltered curve. So recording to tape scientifically has a higher sound quality than recording to a digital medium. The 2nd side to my opinion is that it just plain sounds so good. Tape has a certain sound that adds lots of character to a recording and that is something that digital can not create. The signal is running thru resistors and transformers where a digital signal is not and a pluggin is only attempting to recreate the real thing. Empire Sound Studio in Dallas Texas has an amazing Studer A-827 2″ Analog 24 track tape recorder that I love recording on and we also have brand new tape. To sum it up, recording to tape is cool!