SSL Mixing

Had a great weekend at Empire Sound Recording Studio filed with Mixing, Recording, Producing and Mastering. On this post I want to focus on an aspect of how I mix on the SSL 4K e/g+ console. Below is a boomerang video I took on instagram of the mix buss meters. YES I SLAM THE MIX BUSS 🙂 What I like most about mixing on a SSL is the ability to really push mixes. Not all songs need or require to be slammed into the mix buss, this song definitely got there. Running mixes this hot in no way causes distortion or degradation in audio quality. You can see above the meters the audio being printed into pro tools with good level and healthy dynamics. It acts has a type of compression that also introduces new harmonics into the song that otherwise would not exist. More so adding color and excitement while adding a slight bit of control to the overall song. This is something that can only be achieved with real analog gear and not digital plugins.